About Us

In Our Grandparent’s Day, in small towns across America neighbors would come with warm meals, care and concern when a member of their community was in crisis due from illness.  We are the same neighbors and Santa Barbara is the same small town. The simple idea is to provide a weekly offering of quality, wholesome food made with love and dedication.

Food From The Heart, a Santa Barbara non-profit, responds quickly to folks in crisis with abundant and delicious meals including main course, baked goods and fruits to assure hunger and malnutrition will not be a concern to those living with bodies that can no longer carry them, trying to recover from cancer, surgeries, or terminal illness. The food is important, but what is equally important is letting them know that they are still a part of the local community family.

There is no charge for this service; one need not be concerned about money to buy food.  The headwaters of this river of giving flows from the generosity and abundance of voluntary donations and pledges of support from a variety of sources, and the caring of our local Santa Barbara organic farmers and Food Bank.  The bulk of our meals and menus are based on wonderful local produce donated to us.

Food From The Heart meals are all natural, made from scratch, and are full of vital nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants so important for health and healing.  We make “rescue food” designed especially for folks who are immunocompromised and need the most varied, freshest, healthiest, digestible, visually appealing, and quality comfort food.

Clients are referred to Food From The Heart from hospitals and doctors, medical social workers and local agencies such as Hospice of Santa Barbara, Visiting Nurses Assoc, Santa Barbara Cancer Center, AIDS Central Coast, Cottage Rehabilitation, Senior Protective Services and many others.

During a home visit a social worker may discover a patient not thriving or healing on their current diet of institutional or packaged foods, or perhaps find that the cupboard is bare. Our neighbors, no longer able to shop, chop or prepare meals, are greatly relieved when Food From The Heart delivers beautifully prepared and ready to eat meals.

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is the home of our wonderful commercial kitchen.  Each week a professionally guided group of committed, talented and giving volunteers meet on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to prepare and deliver the highest quality meals possible.